Monday, July 17, 2006

The Gentleman and The One-Sided Conversation

I remembered that great skit they had on SNL a few years ago where the ultimate evolution of the human male was "Retired Guy." Dignified, wise, able to concern himself only with things such as lawns, beer, and poker night. "Middle-Aged Guy" and "Divorced Guy" often sought his consultation. I saw this man and I thought there is "Retired Guy." He looks like he would have lots of good advice, he is relaxed...and most importantly he declares his financial independence with the lack of socks ;-)
I watched this couple from across the street for about 4 minutes and the man on the bench never flinched...He seemed to have entered a zen like state where he was focused on things far from the present. Meanwhile the lady next to him never stopped speaking the entire time. It is obviously a skill he learned from years of committee meetings. He manages to look interested while doing important thinking unrelated to the current communication stream targeted at him.


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